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We wanted to create a distinctly Tanzanian drink that our people could be proud of. Something that would bring people together, be used to mark life's moments and become synonymous with celebrations.


From seed to soil, still to sunrise soiree, our meticulous process ensures each bottle of Johari is physical proof of our commitment to quality & excellence.


Johari's final resting place is on the tables and in the hearts of the people. Toasting to life with a drink that was created specifically for them. Our meticulous process is testament to our commitment to quality and excellence.

Johari - Tanzanian Gin

SKU: 0002
Expected to ship by end of September
  • The Juniperus Procera Berry, is the base of Johari and is found only in the prosperous soils of the East African Highlands. The equatorial, year-round sunshine and crisp mountain airs are what give this berry its distinctly rich colours, velvety textures and bold flavours.

    Johari is one of only two gins worldwide fortunate enough to use this berry fresh from the source. Never dried, never frozen, never processed.

    A special blend of exotic ingredients local to Tanzania include Baobab fruit - a super food and Indian Ocean Seaweed.

    750ml Bottle.

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